What You Need to Do After a Burglary

Locksmith Services in TaurangaBurglaries are traumatic, and they will leave you feeling helpless, angry and fearful. Even though you were unharmed by the frightening experience, the distress will come long after the burglary. Remember, however, that you can recover. Realise, also, that you need to prevent another burglary, and reclaim the safety of your own home.

Here’s what you have to do right after a break-in.

Call the police.

Call the police to report the break in. Avoid touching anything. Wait for the police to arrive and investigate. The police report is the first step towards catching the criminal, and possibly retrieving your valuables. The report is also important for your insurance claim.

If your home has security cameras, provide the police with footage so they can use it as evidence. Make a copy for your insurance agency, too.

Call your insurance provider.

The insurance company will send a loss adjuster to investigate your claim and look over relevant documentation, like the police report. Do not move anything just yet. If you’re staying at a friend’s house, inform the insurance company so they know where to reach you.

Deal with the aftermath.

Clean up after documentation of the burglary. It’s the first step in accepting what has happened and living your life again.

Replace broken windows. Call for locksmith services and get better locks, like deadlocks. Alternatively, upgrade your security system to protect your home from another incident. The police recommend burglar alarms and sensor lights, which can deter intruders. And reach out to your neighbours about keeping an eye out for suspicious activity in your community. When communities work together, burglaries are less likely to occur.

It’s natural to feel vulnerable in your home after a burglary. Take some time to recover. Then regain control. Improve your security system. And keep your home safe once again.