Word on the Streets: Streetwear Never Goes Out of Style


streetwearStreetwear is an ever changing urban style that literally anyone can wear. While it is difficult to actually define what the definitive ‘streetwear style’ is, there is usually a sense of simplicity to the overall look that makes it stand out.

Although born from the literal streets of Los Angeles in North America, its popularity as the quintessential street fashion surpasses the physical boundaries of continents. You can find this style in almost every part of the globe these days, and it is even growing in popularity here in the UK.

This is a testament to its adaptability as a style, and although it has changed trends in the past decade, there are still some common elements.

Casual Wear Reigns

Although streetwear is not definable by a specific trend, it is dominated by clothing that is both casual and comfortable to wear. Things like jeans, shirts and sneakers are universal components of the typical streetwear look. The baseball cap, while not necessarily a must, is also a definitive symbol of street fashion.

Streetwear is typically a do-it-yourself style and you can theoretically mix and match different clothing styles to complete your look, so long as you follow the general rule that it should look and feel comfortable and casual. Name branded shirts and printed tees are also popular, such as the Crooks & Castles line of t-shirts.

Sundry Sneakers

The shoes you wear are what separate streetwear from other styles. Sneakers are the archetypal footwear associated with this movement, and some may even argue that these are what actually define the look.  This is because sneakers are more comfortable to wear than the leather shoes and are also more informal in appearance.

The rise of big name brands and the growing culture of luxury further strengthen the importance of sneakers. Since streetwear focuses on simple clothing, your shoes act as the ‘bling’ that makes you stand out among the rest.

If you are planning on redoing your image, shifting to streetwear may be difficult if you are used to the prim and proper style of the preppy look. Just remember that the only rule you need to follow when entering street fashion is to keep it cool, casual, and simple.