Backpacking in NZ? Why Buying a Used Car Comes Recommended

Woman buying her new carNew Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries with a variety of landscapes that make any outdoor adventure appealing and memorable. Ease of travel depends on your mode of transport. If you are planning to stay here at least two months, you can save money and cover more miles if you buy a car.

How do you do it? Consider these tips:

Set your budget

How much are you willing to spend for the car? To know the best price, check the trade-in value or resale price of the vehicle in your mind. Usually, Japanese cars, which are many, should be at least $1,000. Auto insurance is not mandatory in NZ, but it is best to have a third-party coverage for extra financial protection.

See the cars personally

Once you already have a budget, look for cars for sale from several reputable dealers in NZ, such as Auckland Motors. This way, you can check the quality and condition of the car, as well as let shop owners help you pick the right one.

These shops can also provide you with financing options in case your preferred vehicle is beyond your budget. Bring an auto mechanic with you who can help you assess the car’s condition and value.

Make sure it has met requirements

Before you buy the car, the previous owner should have already paid pending charges and licence fees, and had the vehicle tested for road-worthiness (warrant of fitness test) no older than a month before your possession.

Test drive

Although NZ has some of the best roads in the world, some can be winding, hilly, or narrow. To help you gauge if the vehicle is comfortable to drive, request for a test drive, which should last for about an hour.

A used car is a cost-effective option for backpackers. As long as you choose well, it is cheap, is easy to sell later, and gives you more time to explore the outdoors.

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