Signs that your Car Requires Service

auto mechanic holding a wrench

According to the manufacturer’s guidelines, your car should regularly be serviced. In fact, there is a stipulated distance after which it is highly recommended that you go for service. However, there are other signs that indicate the need for an immediate visit to the garage.

1.    Warning Engine Light

Luckily, a majority of modern cars are designed such that they will always alert you when there is a problem. If a check engine indicator appears on the dashboard, plan for a visit to the garage sooner than later, since it indicates a problem with your car. Additionally, it is worth noting that this light also appears when your service is due. Therefore, be careful not to ignore it for too long.

2.    Unusual Noises From Your Car

Strange noises from your car mean that something has changed. Some of the most reported car noises include extremely loud exhaust noise, metal on metal grinding, uneven engine noise, under the bonnet whining, crunching gears and squealing sounds whenever you step on the brake pad. All this can easily be fixed at an auto car repair service nearby Arvada, CO. You wouldn’t want a take a long journey with the state of your car.

3.    Steam or Smoke Emanating From Your Hood

This is normally due to overheating issues and radiator problems. While it is critical that you get your car checked immediately, you are not in any danger. The wisest thing to do is to pull over immediately and wait for your car to cool down. However, if you see a blue smoke coming from your car, it could be a sign of burning oil.

Above are just some indicators that you need to take your car to a garage. To always ensure that your car is in good order and condition, always get service regularly and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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