The Hero of Strapping: Advantages of Pre-Stretched Film

Advantages of Pre-Stretched FilmWhenever you stretch a rubber band, think about the huge amount of leftover because it portrays the resistance capacity of a regular stretch film. When you stretch it to its maximum limit just before it snaps, you will understand the benefits of pre-stretched film. The minimum leftover means the product cannot go any further causing less strain to the users once they apply it with their strapping toolkit from X-Pak.

Below are other benefits of using pre-stretched film:

Low Price and No Edge Damage

Users will only consume less than a half of the regular stretch film, which generates more cost savings ranging from 25 per cent to 40 per cent. The pre-stretched film consists of rolled edges that are air blown into the roll. This method will provide support to the middle of the roll and prevent it from telescoping down. This is why when users drop it, it is virtually impossible to damage the edge of the roll.

Meanwhile, regular stretch film rolls are usually discarded every time the users drop them and damage its edges.

Easy Application and Distinct Film Memory

The minor requirements for torque enable users to stride forward instead of backwards when applying it. This leads to a safer and more controlled application. They do not have to stretch it too much as it needs less physical effort to wrap. The roll is also lighter and is easier to handle, which means it has half the thickness and doubles the strength of a regular pre-stretched film.

During film application, users must apply it with minimal force as it normally tightens after the application. Its distinct film memory and its capacity to tighten is the single most essential reason for using pre-stretched film.

The pre-stretched film provides users better load stability along with greater control, less physical energy and less product.

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